02 February 2021

With our "piano" DIP switch, you will not disturb your neighbors

From the production of TIANGXI Components we chose DIP and SMD switches for the introduction. These mechanical switches are an alternative of interconnect blocks, better known as "jumpers". Their main advantage is that there is no need to store jumpers nearby and, if necessary, look for them, but just switch with your finger. When we look at the historical development of these switches, rotary switches were invented in 1970 by Pierre P. Schwab. And for the sake of interest we state that these switches were massively used by the manufacturer ATARI in their so-called first generation of video games.

There are many types of these switches, such as:

  • Sliding
  • Cradle
  • Piano (side)
  • Rotary

Regarding the mechanical and electrical properties of these switches we distinguish two other basic divisions for so-called surface mounting (SMD / SMT) or terminal (THT / DIP) the same as for integrated circuits.

DIP switches are commonly available in pin numbers 1-12 when the normal spacing between the individual pins is 2.54 mm. Most switches have 2 types of life - mechanical and electrical. The first is given as the minimum number of mechanical cycles per 2000 and electrical is stated as the minimum number of cycles of 1000 below the maximum current of 25mA / 24VDC. The pressing force is 800g / MAX. The plastic in which everything is mounted and which at the same time forms the cover of the switch meets the flammability standard UL94V-0. The PINS themselves are made of copper alloy and are gold-plated, for maximum elimination of transient resistances.

The application is in consumer electronics, where you can easily set the behavior of the circuit without the need for power supply, the circuit setting check is visual. Another use is with remote controls, where the switch sets a different frequency or address so that the transmitter and receiver pair well and do not interfere with each other.

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With our "piano" DIP switch, you will not disturb your neighbors

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