14 January 2021

MINYX and LJ elect are compatible on wave 868MHz, 433MHz and 915MHz

MINYX servis s.r.o. and LJ ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (LJelect) entered the new year together. This manufacturer has supplemented the missing range of wireless RF modules in the MINYX portfolio.

LJelect is a professional high-tech enterprise dedicated in the research & development of RF modules and RF related solutions.  We own a professional R&D team in the radio-frequency applications and IoT(Internet of Things).  That expertise doesn’t come cheap but the value pays back many folds with solid reliable products, designed for efficient manufacture.

we have developed a range of RF modules and RF related solutions which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of turning a good idea into a fully working, field proven, market-ready production design. We keep our product ranges up to date in the light of increasing technical capability and diversity.

We look forward to grow up with our customers.

RF Modules:

  • Transmitters - modulation FSK/GFSK/OOK, voltage (1,8- 3,7)V
  • Recievers - modulation FSK/OOK, voltage (1,8-5,0)V
  • Transcievers - modulation FSK/LoRa/OOK/GFSK, voltage (1,8 – 3,7)V

With the help of our well-designed modules and development tools, our customer can easily build the RF communication and speed up the development phase. Our modules are designed based on the RF chipsets from the leading chip manufacturers TI, Semtech, SilionLabs. We also provide custom design services based on the customer’s specific requirements. 

MINYX and LJ elect are compatible on wave 868MHz, 433MHz and 915MHz

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