08 February 2022

The Perfect Duo for Small Cross-Section

To complement the WAGO MCS MINI Pluggable PCB Connector, WAGO now offers a PCB terminal block with lever and push-in termination for conductor cross-sections up to 1.5 mm².

Terminating conductors with small cross-sec­tions in the field just got even handier. The 2601 Series is the first super-compact, tool-free PCB terminal block with lever technology, allowing quick and easy wiring for cross-sections from 0.14 to 1.5 mm². Together, the 2734 Series MCS MINI Pluggable PCB Connector and the 2601 Series form the perfect duo for small cross-sec­tions. Thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, solid conductors and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules can be connected by simply pushing them into the unit. The lever also works with all other conductor types, offering quick and easy wiring – no tools required. And the compact 2601 Series PCB Terminal Blocks and MCS MINI Pluggable PCB Connectors take up virtually no space on the board. That makes the 2601 Se­ries useful for applications like power supplies, smart home installations and control boards, and the MCS MINI for lighting connections and drive controllers. You can even request marking/labeling for the 2601 Series and MCS MINI or the implementation of custom designs. This duo of products now makes WAGO’s unique selec­tion of products with levers for all performance classes the ideal solution for device connection.

The Benefits of the 2601 series:

  • A particularly compact solution that requires very little space on the board
  • Lever technology for easy, tool-free wiring worldwide
  • Horizontal or vertical connection to the PCB
  • Use in industrial electronics, power supplies, smart home installations, control boards and more

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The Benefits of the 2061 series:

  • Convenient manual wiring, even for hard-to-reach connection points
  • Faster, easier device replacement during service
  • Versatile locking system for addi­tional reliability
  • Custom design options for specific applications

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Availabillity in Q1/2022

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The Perfect Duo for Small Cross-Section

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