22 September 2021

Mini SIM holders with hinged cover from MUP

From the manufacturer MUP Industrial we present you today the mini SIM holders. These are the most common variants of SIM card holders, of which millions have been sold and installed worldwide. This type of holder is mostly used in devices that are more demanding to vibrations and shocks. At the same time, most customers use it in sealed boxes, where the end customer usually cannot get to and where there is no need to change the SIM card. From the manufacturer's portfolio we will now present all variants of flip-up SIM holders.

     This holder has 6PINs

MUP C705

     Same like C705, only with 8PINs

MUP C706

     SIM holder in white colour, both variants 6PIN or 8PIN

MUP C712

     Same like C712, but in black colour

MUP C713

     SIM card put to the hinged cover and after lock to the lower part

MUP C714

     Compact holder with iron hinged cover

MUP C717

If you're a fan of mini SIM holders or you're just good with them, or you can't change it for some reason, we'll be happy to help you choose a suitable and cost-effective option. We believe that together we can select the ideal solution for your product from the MUP portfolio.

Mini SIM holders with hinged cover from MUP

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