15 September 2021

MORNSUN – DC/DC converter Fixed input

In cooperation with the manufacturer MORNSUN Power we would like to introduce DC/DC converters with fixed input. This is the smallest series of inverters both in terms of power and dimensions. For these converters is range in power 0,2-3W. Due to the need for a fixed input voltage, you can choose from the following values (3.3V; 5V; 9V; 12V; 15V; 24V). For the output voltage, this breadth of choice is much greater and you can also combine an converter with up to four output voltages. For these power supplies you can also choose from four different types of packages.

mornsun typy pouzder

For the DFN packages, we recommend watching the video manual for soldering.

Link to video manual HERE

The insulation voltage of the different types ranges from 1.5kV to 6.0kV.

The manufacturer divides these converters into 4 basic subgroups

  • SMD Unregulated Output (0,2 – 2W)
  • SMD Regulated Output (0,75 – 1W)
  • SIP/DIP Unregulated Output (0,25 – 3W)
  • SIP/DIP Regulated Output (0,75-1W)

Applicable applications:

  • Pre-interference isolation
  • Elimination of ground interference
  • Pure digital circuits
  • Isolated voltage transfers
  • Low frequency analog circuits
  • Relay-driven circuits
  • Data switching circuits


  • Power consumption in stand-by only 0,1W
  • Operating temperature -40 +85°C some types up to 105°C
  • Protection: Input undervoltage, Input overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection
  • International standard pin-out
  • High-efficiency up to 94%
  • AEC-Q100 certification
  • Very low power consumption in new types (1WR4)

Link to the new series of DC / DC converters with fixed input HERE

MORNSUN – DC/DC converter Fixed input

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