07 September 2021

Waterproof Equipment Case for professionals

Each of us strives to protect our most valuable things, whether when storing or traveling. Bahar waterproof equipment cases are ideal for protecting electronics, devices, cameras, and various valuables that you need to protect from moisture, dust, or damage. The foam, which is part of every case, also helps very well. The foam is made of cubes with a pre-cut, so it is very easy to shape the desired shape so that the product stored in your case lies perfectly and I would also be protected against impact.


There are two sizes of equipment cases. The width and depth are the same (341 x 249mm), but it is mainly the height - 130mm or 180mm.

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A strap is included with each equipment case so that the case can be comfortably thrown over the shoulder.

It is also possible to choose from 3 color variants (black, dark green, orange).


Protection against the ingress of water is solved by a seal in the trunk lid, when 2 fuses click, the upper lid fits very well on the lower one and thus maximum coverage is ensured.

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Waterproof Equipment Case for professionals

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