01 September 2021

Board-to-board connectors with ScaleX technology

With FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors, Phoenix Contact provides shielded and unshielded solutions for signal and data transmission for the first time. This allows you to implement individual PCB orientations with different designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions in compact 0.8 and 1.27 mm pitches.


  • Variability: Board-to-board connectors in shielded and unshielded versions
  • Reliable mechanical and electrical connections thanks to the double-sided contact system
  • Flexible device design: various numbers of positions, designs, and stack heights with high wipe lengths

1Shielded and unshielded board-to-board connectors with 0.8 mm pitch

Board-to-board connectors of the FP 0,8 FINEPITCH series feature the innovative ScaleX technology. The unique double contact ensures a reliable, robust connection and high tolerance compensation when plugging. Thanks to excellent signal integrity, they are ideal for high-speed data transmissions of up to 16 Gbps. The shielded versions are optimized for a very high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). With these versatile characteristics, the FP 0,8 FINEPITCH series is ideally suited for industrial applications, in which robustness, high-speed data transmission, and shielding are necessary.

Unique to the market, both shielded and unshielded board-to-board connectors are available in the same portfolio. The same tolerances, stack heights, and mechanical properties enable uniform process parameters — particularly in applications in which both versions are to be installed on one printed circuit board. The high level of product variety also ensures maximum flexibility during design-in for series production.

With the new, horizontal versions, 90° printed circuit board arrangements can be realized, which opens up many more fields of application.


Unshielded board-to-board connectors with 1.27 mm pitch

Board-to-board connectors of the FP 1,27 series allow the robust connection of PCBs within the device. Design your PCB orientation flexibly. Implement mezzanine and coplanar connections, mother-daughter cards, and connections with flat-ribbon cable.


4FQ series board-to-board connectors

Designed for universal use, FQ series board-to-board connectors form the basis for compact PCB connections inside the device. They are characterized by their application-oriented and cost-optimized design. Pin and base strips with 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm pitch enable mezzanine, coplanar, and mother-daughter connections to be implemented.



Board-to-board connectors with ScaleX technology

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