03 August 2021

Are you looking for an enclosure for your device?

There are three types of customers. The first are those who buy a universal box and try to adapt their device to its design. Then there is the second group of customers, they build the equipment and then look for the most suitable box. And the last group, who have a box made exactly to their device. We can serve all three groups of customers at the moment.

As the exclusive representative of BAHAR, we can boast several customized boxes from the manufacturer's portfolio, but that is not on today's agenda.

In this case, we offer the option of a bespoke and original design to your exact requirements. In our sample case, the customer was using standard DIN boxes, but was dealing with various finishes and modifications that were visible on the box, and these minor modifications did not always meet design satisfaction. They chose our company MINYX servis to work with them, which was able to handle all their requirements and satisfy the customer as much as possible, both in terms of function and appearance. Another very important parameter was the price, where we were able to offer the customer his own box at a comparable price to the standardized box he had been using up to that point.

 In the first phase, the box was processed on a professional 3D printer and it was almost indistinguishable whether it was a moulding or a 3D print when the first sample was delivered. Then the details were fine-tuned and a mould was made and then sharp samples were delivered and approved by the customer. You can judge for yourself how the work turned out from the attached photos.

BAHAR 3DvsFinal AJ

bahar 2

If you are interested in a custom box design, please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , further technical requirements will be discussed with you by the responsible colleagues.


Are you looking for an enclosure for your device?

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