29 June 2021

Let there be light - a powerful headlamp with motion sensor

I'm sure you've also experienced that feeling of wanting to shine a light and needing your hands free. A headlamp is a great solution in this case. However, the GOODEX headlamp has a few more great features for you to appreciate. You can set three levels of light intenzity with it. If you are an avid cyclist or pedestrian, you can also use another mode, flashing, to stay visible on the roads. The last and probably the best feature is the motion sensor switching. Anyone who has ever had a headlamp on their head has surely always been looking for a button to turn the headlamp on, with the motion sensor function you just have to "wave" your hand in front of the headlamp and it will light up by itself.  The headlamp is very lightweight and easy to store. It has a flexible hinge for better light adjustment. It is in stock in 2 versions - black and white.

goodex čelovka bílá

goodex čelovka černá

The luminous intensity of the headlamp is 100lm/3W.

The light temperature is 7200K (cold white).

The headlamp is powered via a microUSB/USB-A cable, this is included with the headlamp.

goodex čelovka krabička

Headlamp parameters:

  • Full light is 100lm
  • Medium light is 70lm
  • Low light is 30lm
  • SOS flash (long press ON/OFF button)
  • Protection IP54
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Charging 5V/1A

Link to headlamp HERE

Let there be light - a powerful headlamp with motion sensor

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