22 June 2021

Colorful boxes with new "backs"

Manufacturer Bahar has decided to expand a series of successful boxes for alternative design. It offers boxes in other variants with a new rear panel, in three variants.

The first of these variants is when the back cover of the box is prepared for a plate, which is fixed to the wall or ceiling with the help of screws, and then this box can be snapped onto the attached plate.



Link to wall mounting boxes


Another variant of a different rear panel is the so-called stand. This type is best suited for mounting on a raised panel or wall. This type of attachment is similar to the previous one, but with the fact that the device can also be placed in a stand and thus you can expand your device and use this space either for the device or to hide any cable reserve.


2. obrázek

Link to boxes with stand


The last variant is a socket. These boxes have a back panel ready to plug directly into a power outlet. Therefore, it is best suited for connection applications for power supply directly from 230V, possibly modified by a converter. This box design is very unique and can be very practical for some applications.


3. obrázek

Link to drawer boxes


As with all previous types of boxes, we have all types ordered in stock in sample quantities. If you are interested in trying one of them, please contact your sales representative or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Colorful boxes with new "backs"

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