06 April 2021

High-quality anodized aluminum boxes

Our company brings you a new article again, this time we will focus on another collection of BAHAR boxes. Today, we will mainly focus on boxes that are surface-treated with anodic oxidation, so it would be good to first explain what anodic oxidation is. This process should be understood as the surface treatment of aluminum (Al) and its alloys. The process is used because aluminum itself is also susceptible to corrosion, especially when exposed to a very acidic or very basic environment, although it is generally accepted that aluminum is corrosion resistant. In the case of BAHAR boxes, it is not only about corrosion resistance, but the emphasis is mainly on improving the appearance of the material surface, we refer to this type of anodic oxidation as the so-called "decorative anodic oxidation". For the already mentioned type of anodic oxidation, a sulfuric acid solution is most often used in combination with an electric current. This process intentionally creates a thicker "corroded layer" on the surface, which then provides an even thicker protective layer to prevent deep corrosion.


  • High-quality, resistant material aluminium
  • New and original design
  • Different colour and size possibilities
  • Stainless steel screws and plastic stand included
  • Modifications on request: lenght and color can be customized in bulk orders


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dsc 0035

dsc 9948

铝型材拉丝氧化 2

High-quality anodized aluminum boxes

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